What is Purcoo?

PURCOO is the European platform between print buyers and suppliers. The platform acts as an intermediary printing houses and companies of different specializations. This way you can find support for all your needs in one place.

You will meet here only reliable companies and suppliers. Experience shows that we provide many reasons for satisfaction and .... we always keep to agreed deadlines, quality and prices. On our platform you can be sure that the offer is fair and at market level.

By letting us know exactly what your needs are, you will allow us to prepare a tailor-made offer. Using our experience and access to proven solutions is another benefit for your business. Whether you're an experienced company or a start-up, you'll find the right level of technical support. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge.

My name is Paweł Miciuk. I have been professionally involved in the printing industry for 20 years. For almost ten years I have been coordinating the Purcoo project. I wholeheartedly invite you to join us.

Pawel Miciuk

Purcoo philosophy

YOUR satisfaction is our motivation. YOUR successes make our work meaningful. We know this can be only achieved by combining expertise with focus on your needs. That's why we offer tailor-made solutions that deliver maximum value from your investment. We bring together companies that meet the highest business and ethical standards. We strive to be united by common values such as care for the environment and commitment to social matters. Mutual understanding is usually not so obvious. As customers, we need support in development of components, an optimised order preparation, error correction, and the ability to control the implementation of the process at every stage. Often in companies, specialists from marketing, technology, planning and purchasing teams, supervise the supply of printed materials. In most cases, Purcoo fills in the missing roles and collaborates on a team member basis. As manufacturers, we expect precise specifications and simple instructions. The role of Purcoo is to code the customer's needs into a language that the technical and operational staff of the supplier can understand.

Business interaction on a partnership basis.

Buy cheap and sell expensive ... this is not a strategy for a responsible entrepreneur. We believe that market transactions should benefit both parties. Only such a relationship allows for harmonious development of the entire supply chain. Acting in the interests of both the buyer and the supplier means being a trader and a buyer at the same time. Is it possible to reconcile these two functions at the same time? This is what Purcoo is trying to do:

  • We eliminate the time-consuming process of collecting offers and negotiating prices;
  • We translate the identified customer needs into design assumptions based on the operational realities of the supply chain; this stage is very often omitted in purchasing procedures;
  • thanks to cost transparency you are sure to achieve the best offer, but at the same time you allow your partners to make profit and develop.
We care about the environment

In the never-ending race for customers, there are several things we can do differently so that our environmental impact is as low as possible. We can do this in a number of ways. Here are some examples.

  1. Optimal technical specification of the product:
    • the grammage, but above all the thickness and stiffness of the raw material used, allows for the reduction of its demand;
    • choosing a recycled material will not be a sustainable choice. Choose uncoated papers (calcium carbonate may contain microplastics), without chlorine-based bleaches, certified, with as little carbon footprint as possible;
  2. choice of technology:
    • Printing - the use of UV varnish will exclude the product from recyclability;
    • Substrate lamination will also prevent the paperboard from being recycled.
    • Digital printing is ideal for small production volumes. And so on ...
  3. Transport - a better choice would be to work with a large carrier with an extensive transport network, offering collective transport over longer distances, where the means of transport are used optimally in each direction (back and forth) and electric vehicles are used for local distribution.
Social responsibility

In 2021 we have joined the group of companies supporting the activities of the Polish Humanitarian Action. Purcoo donates 1% of the company's turnover to the PAH statutory goals. We are also among their suppliers of printed materials.

The organisation has been active in Poland and abroad for almost 30 years.
In Poland, it runs the "Pajacyk" children nutrition programme, which operates in schools and care centres. The aim of the programme is to provide children with a nutritious meal every day.

Worldwide, PAH supports people in need in places where humanitarian crises erupt: natural disasters and armed conflicts. The organisation provides both immediate aid in response to a sudden crisis and development support aimed at introducing long-term solutions and preventing further disasters. Access to water and sanitation, ensuring the availability of food, shelter, psychosocial support and education. PAH has permanent missions in Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Kenya, Ukraine. SOS activities (immediate assistance) are carried out worldwide. They protect civilians and pay special attention to groups most at risk: women, children, the elderly and people with handicaps.

I invite you to visit the website where you can find a short description of PAH's activities:

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